Book shelf furniture

Made from mahogany wood.4ft height by 3ft length and 1ft depth.

Racks - The Most Functional Addition to Your Home

The way you decorate your humble abode speaks a lot about your sense of style and taste. With the various racks available online, you can use your creativity and imagination to give a new dimension to the empty spaces in your apartment or home. Transform walls and corners of your room into sophisticated ways to exhibit flower vases, art, and antique pieces.

The best way to adorn the boring walls of your home is by adding wall shelves. Shelves that are wall-mounted, not only give your home a facelift but also offer plenty of space to store stuff. You can display your collections, trophies, photo frames, and other showpieces on these racks. Wall-mounted racks are a boon to any house as they do not take up floor space and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your walls. They also help keep things beyond the reach of children or pets.

If you are a travel enthusiast, you can show off various books, travel souvenirs, and pictures of the places you visited on these wall-mounted shelves. You can find a host of wall shelves and racks on the online megastore.

Buy Racks Online

A rack can add timeless style and grandeur to any home or office space. Add playful paint textures on the plain wall of your home and creatively mount these wall racks or shelves to transform a simple wall into a piece of art. You can find various shelves and racks for your home like kitchen racks, shoe racks, bookshelves, TV stand with shelves, and wooden shelves.

Let's dig a little deeper into the

Different types of racks available on this online megastore.

Wall Shelves

Add wall shelves to your walls and showcase paintings, photo frames, table clocks, and more. If you have a small apartment or room, you can install wall-mounted shelves shaped as tiny triangles. You can also use these shelves to create your very own personal gallery by stacking and assembling shelves across the wall.

Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen organizers are an amazing way to unclutter your kitchen countertops. These shelves help you keep your kitchen neat, tidy, and organized. Also, kitchen shelves help save space and offer quick access to spice racks.

Wall Shelves Design

These shelves offer a lot of functionality and can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of any room. Wall shelf designs come with unique shapes and unique additions such as mirror backings and hooks. They are ideal to mount in your lobby or foyer so you can hang keys, caps, and jackets.


A bookshelf is the best way to keep your books and some art pieces in an organized manner. Buy bookshelves online when you’re looking to showcase some antique pieces or looking to build a small library at your home.

Shoe Racks

Shoes that are strewn over the entryway make your home look messy and lend a cluttered look. You can buy shoe racks online to organize your footwear. You can also buy wooden shoe racks online that come with seating or separate entryway benches to spruce up your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Log in to your favorite shopping website and start buying these aesthetically pleasing shelves and racks to glam up your home or office area.

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