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Sell Online, Business cloud Kenya does not just do random marketing, we are the leading in B2B Kenya. We help you buy and sell online in Kenya. If you are an online seller, you will love business cloud kenya. Connect with suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, Retailers, exporters, importers, and well established companies in Kenya and beyond. Advertise, Buy & Sell on Business cloud Kenya. Quality, Original and Brand New Products, services, property, Real Estate and more

Busnesscloud Kenya is the leading in B2B in Kenya and we help businesses connect with buyers online. Sell and buy online in bulk. Selling and buying is happening on Business cloud. We are helping companies, businesses and people get genuine and quality products and services on time. Companies, businesses are selling on business cloud Kenya. We welcome partnerships from any interested entity. Suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and all businesses are welcomed to sell genuine products on business cloud. We accept original, quality and brand new products on businessclaud. Companies in the service industry can also sell or advertise with us. Food manufacturing and property dealers are welcomed to sell on 

We have free delivery in 24 hours when you buy and sell online. In summary Businessclaud is among the best selling platforms in Kenya and beyond.

Trusted Kenya Online Shopping

Business cloud Kenya is one of the most trusted kenya online shopping platforms where you can buy and sell online and have it delivered in a few hours. You don't have to wait for next day delivery, just dial a delivery instead. Whether it's pizza inn delivery,chicken inn menu, flower delivery nairobi / Kenya or anything, we simply do all deliveries in a few hours on the same day.

Advertisements and online Selling services - business cloud Kenya

If you need a platform that people trust in Kenya for quality, original products and services, Business cloud Kenya is the best. We guarantee that you will sell. Small businesses, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers, importers, exporters you are all welcomed to sell on Business cloud Kenya. We have free delivery in 24 hours. This is a game changer. This is the future. Let us partner together for best results

Business cloud kenya for Fashion, Phones & Accessories, Electronics, furniture, vehicles, property, real-estate, automotive, health & beauty

You can find anything original on business cloud kenya; ladies fashion, kids fashion, men's fashion eg Shoes, dresses, beddings, jeans, face masks, We have everything including cars, televisions, computers and laptops, printers, accessories, furniture products eg chairs, tables, beds. We also have a completely separate site for real-estate where you can find apartments, houses, land for sale, restaurants and much more. We have everything and we are the best.

Best online shopping in kenya

Need the best online shopping experience in Kenya? Well, trust me you will love business cloud Kenya. Here are the 5 main reasons why thousands of people are using Businesscloud as opposed to other places out there.

    1. You get fastest delivery in other words you can dial a delivery
    2. We have the best fashion collections.

Whether you are just looking for general fashion and design or whether you just need african dress (s), we've got you covered with all african and all trending fashion designs. Business cloud is the best place for shopping online

  1. We offer the best online shopping experience. Our site and app is amaizing. Plus our delivery team is friendly and experienced
  2. Business cloud Kenya is one of the best electronics stores in Kenya

    You can find the best, high quality, original, affordable and brand New electronics on Businesscloud kenya. Anything and everything is ready waiting for you even capacitors can be found on our online store.

  3. Business cloud Kenya is one of the best onlines stores plus we have actual physical stores where you can easily pick your order from.

Best Ecommerce / ecommerce business

Busines cloud kenya is determined to be the best ecommerce in Kenya. We are working day and night to remain the best ecommerce platform for buying and selling online in kenya. Let us help you buy and sell online. Even if you just want to boost your website traffic so that you can build your ecommerce business, business cloud Kenya is the best. No doubt! Businesscloud is the best ecommerce website


Start shopping online

Here is a quick list of online links to the top online selling categories on Business cloud Kenya..

    1. Top fashion for ladies fashion for ladies
    2. Top general fashion and design fashion
    3. Men's Fashion fashion for men
    4. Top electronics and electronics stores
    5. Top laptops and ICT gadgets

      Business cloud Kenya has the best laptops price in kenya and we sell upto 40% of laptops in kenya

    6. Top machinery online sales
    7. phone place kenya for high quality Phones and Tablets

Well if you have questions like, where can I find my phone? we've got you covered because we have affordable phones and tablets and business cloud is the best place where you can find that brand new phone you have been looking for. Even if you just wanted to compare or check phone prices in kenya, you can use businesscloud kenya. Remember there are more reasons why millions of people visit our site on daily basis, for instance you can still find information like how to connect phone to tv or how to use a fridge. We have all that info.

  1. Top office chairs or office furniture
  2. Food and more like cakes


Business cloud kenya is the best platform to sell online, we offer the best online shopping experience. This is the best place that everyone loves to shop online. We deal with Quality, Original and brand new products and services. You can find food online, a phone, laptops, office chairs, electronics, furniture and more. The most amaizing thing is that we have free delivery in 24 hours and you can dial a delivery now.

In summary businessclaud is the best fast selling platform in Kenya. Buy and sell on Businessclaud Kenya

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Welcome to BCloud About page. Its all about Quality, Original and delivery on time. Let us help you Shop online in style, remember you can also advertise and sell on BCloud store.

BCloud free delivery

Business cloud free delivery is one of the fastest way to get your shopping delivered to you in minutes. Our delivery team is friendly and we are well organized with motorbikes, special vehicles and even international delivery. BCloud delivery can change your online shopping forever. Trust me you will enjoy our online shopping experience on BCloud Kenya. Advertise, buy and sell on BCloud Kenya.

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We've got it all, shop online in style. Plus we reward you with shopping points that you can redeem, don't forget Business cloud store also rewards loyal customers with birthday cakes. There are many more reasons why Millions buy and sell on Business cloud store. This is the only online store that deals with Original and quality products. Advertise, buy and sell on Business cloud online store.

business cloud online

We mean Business online. We believe in genuine business online. That is why the Businesscloud Team is making sure that sellers are only selling quality and original products and services on Bcloud Kenya. Business cloud online is a sure way to buy something original and yet you save fare. For example, Instead of spending 15,000 to transport your sofa sets upcountry, just check it on business cloud online, we will do that free of charge as long as you are our customer. Advertise, buy and sell on Business cloud online.

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When you buy on Business Cloud ecommerce you win shopping points that you can redeem, its not just that alone, you also get a free birthday cake on your birthday. Remember we have so many dealers in cakes, we promise to surprise our loyal customers with a birthday cake. This is why people buy on business cloud ecommerce. Business cloud ecommerce is the best. Advertise,Buy and sell on BCloud Kenya.

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Dial a delivery contact 0100607076. Whether its Chicken In, Pizza in, dial a delivery food. The best restaurants in Nairobi are selling on Business cloud. Food and online shopping is available. We've got it all. Advertise, Buy and sell on BCloud Kenya